CentrumCentrum at Radio Alicja

Exhibition at Seahorse School in Kilifi (Kenya)

Presentation of a film "Night in the Center" and photographs from the collection of CentrumCentrum in the exhibition at TRAFO

Kangalika - a short story of Richard Onyango

Performance of Beth Collar „THIS IS HOW I’VE LIVED (but, the Mongol Hordes!)

"Colognealism" - workshops with student
of Dutch Art Institute

CentrumCentrum takes part in an exhibition "Rocky Landscape"
at Bunkier Sztuki in Kraków

Presentation of the CentrumCentrum's Capital at Bode Museum, Neues Museum and Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle in Berlin

CentrumCentrum is taking part in an exhibition
at Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw titled
"Making use. Life in postartistic times"

Collection of the CentrumCentrum at National Museum
in Warsaw

CentrumCentrum's Capital at "Realny Obszar Działań"
in Warsaw